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How to Buy a "Name Package"
  1. Make an Offer
    • Use the form below. We respond quickly to serious buyers.
  2. The Transaction:
    • No active business is for sale here. These "Name Packages" are opportunities, NOT functioning businesses or legal protection of names (e.g., trademarks). Your purchase would not be the "bulk sale" or "bulk purchase" of a business entity of any kind.
    • These "Name Packages" are only sold as complete packages, as listed below, and never sold as separate components. Each component of any purchased "package" is for the buyer's use at their discretion, whether they use only one or all of the components included in the sale.
    • Specifics of a transaction will be discussed and determined when a price has been agreed upon. A third party escrow will be used if needed to ensure proper payment and delivery of promised items.
    • Monetary value is assigned to domain names and/or logos.
      • Toll-free numbers are not "owned" by anybody, thus we do not "sell" them. The numbers listed here are active with a service provider; when you purchase a “Name Package” that has a toll-free number, we will transfer the number to any service provider you choose. When a toll-free # is included in a "package" with no domain name, the primary value of the transaction is placed upon the logo.
      • Every item included in the "package" you purchase, whether it has monetary value or not, is considered an essential milestone to complete the transaction. A transaction is not final (e.g., funds are not released from escrow) until all items are transferred to the buyer.